[DESTINATION] Coffee Crawl: Broadway Café

We’re doing something a little different for this Coffee Crawl post—for the first time, I’m going to be featuring an out-of-state coffee shop! Broadway Café is just one of many coffee shops in the up-and-coming Midwestern town of Kansas City, Missouri. Located at the heart of Kansas City’s trendy Westport district, Broadway Café is the perfect place for artistic creators and coffee lovers alike. There’s plenty to see and do inside the cafe, just as there is once you leave.

While the Broadway is right on the main street of Old Westport—which is, from what I gather older and more historic than Midtown Westport—street parking and a small lot are available for the coffee shop’s patrons. The inside feels spacious without being unnecessarily large. Windows lining the main entrance help broaden this idea of space and provide a lot of natural light for Broadway’s guests and hanging plants.


There are plenty of tables for parties of all sizes. There’s room for students to finish assignments—although I didn’t see many outlets, which is a bit of a drag for me personally—and there are also games and books for those visitors who are just looking to hang out with friends or unwind with a nice cup of coffee. You could just sit at a table and admire the eclectic arrangement of art hanging on the walls.

Speaking of coffee, Broadway isn’t just a cafe. In 1998 they started roasting their own coffee in the back of the cafe before moving to another location in 2003. In 2008 they made their permanent home in an old fire station just down the street from where the coffee shop itself still stands.


Broadway not only roasts their own coffee, but sells to other coffee shops in the area as well as any interested party who wanders through. They’ve also got mugs, shirts, and other swag available for purchase near the front door of the store.

I didn’t notice any specific or unique items on their drink menu. Most of what was on there was typical of any coffee shop. Because I’d already had a cup of coffee that day, I stuck to a hot chai tea latte to minimize my caffeine intake. I also had a pretty amazing tasting chocolate chip coffee—fall apart, but not too sweet, which I think is the mark of a perfect cookie.


While I don’t have any raving reviews about the coffee, I will say the baristas were a joy to chat with. They were nice and funny and were as helpful as they could be for someone with a lot of random questions. I also observed some of their conversations with other people who had filtered into the shop. They have a substantial amount of regulars and were more than willing to engage in a conversation while they prepared orders.

Overall, I’m going to give Broadway Café a middle-ground 6/10. Granted I didn’t get to spend a lot of time here, so who knows if I’d give it a higher score my second time around. The biggest detractors for me were the parking—which admittedly they can’t do much about—and their sub-par product—which again might just be the tea; they could be so much better at coffee. I also didn’t like not having an outlet nearby and a somewhat strange layout of the tables. It was pretty busy when I came through, which is something to keep in mind if you just want a little peace and quiet.

I would be open to visiting again and trying the coffee or some of the games to give myself a little bit more of a fuller experience. But I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops and I have to say this one didn’t leave the biggest first impression.

* * *

What would you rank Broadway Café? Would you want to give it a visit? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments section below!

Not a bad “first out-of-state coffee shop” for the crawl. Shoutout to the kind baristas at Broadway who didn’t mind my wandering camera lens taking pictures in their space and the Broadway Café website for a little bit more information on the roasting side of the company.

Want to know a little bit more about my trip to Kansas City as a whole? And who I felt being there all on my own? Make sure to tune in next week to read all about it!

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