Five Fields of Improvement

I’m going to be honest with you guys–I really wish I knew how to solve the rest of a Rubik’s Cube. If you keep up with the blog, you know that I’m pretty proud of my ability to solve exactly one side of this fun puzzle (link here: Five Fields of Expertise). But sometimes I really wish I knew how to finish the job. There are other things, like doing my taxes or mowing the lawn, that I wish I was better at. But today’s all about those odd and unique talents that we just can’t help but wish we knew how to do. So here are my Five Fields of Improvement.

World Capitals

State capitals–no problem; world capitals–ehhh, a little dicey. But I’m working on it! And to be fair, there are over a hundred more world capitals than there are United States capitals…


I may be pretty good at imitating certain musical artists (self-diagnosed), but humming is not in my musical wheelhouse. I don’t know if it’s just because I can’t quite get the right pitch or if the words help me keep time, but it never sounds quite the way I want it to. Which makes playing any humming-related music games pretty difficult and pretty awkward.

Roller Blading

When I was a kid, my school would host these after-school skate nights at the local skating rink. My family always made a night out of it. And while I remember it being lots of fun, I also remembering being really bad at the actual skating part of it. I even hit a wall once…and that video may or may not be available to watch somewhere on the social Internet…


So recently I’ve been trying my hand at making more of my own graphics for the creative work I put out there. This includes headers and featured images for this blog as well as social media promotions or marketing tools. And let me tell you, for someone who isn’t trained and really just teaching herself with a lot of trial and error, it’s hard. First, depending on how professional you’re trying to go, you really need the right kind of software. Second, the more professional the software, the harder it is to just learn as you go. But for a lot of creative content creators, it really pays to be able to own all of the content you put out there. So I’ll keep chugging along until I get it!

Being Left Out

All my life I’ve had a problem with being left out. Not that people leave me out on purpose (I don’t think…), but I’ve always had a severe case of what we now call Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). I love knowing what’s going on with all my friends and I love being apart of the fun. And when seemingly memorable things happen without me, I feel jaded at either not being invited, or simply missing the moment because I physically couldn’t be there. It just isn’t realistic to be with every single one of my friends at every single hour of every single day. And that’s okay. And that’s something I’ve really been trying to come to terms with and remind myself.


What are some things you wish you were better at? Share them down in the comments section below! These can be funny or serious or a mixture of both–I want to know it all! And make sure to stay tuned for any scheduling changes for some of the new projects I have coming to the site!


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