Capes are a staple for any superhero. And I can understand why. They symbolize courage and virtue, among many things. Just look at Superman or Captain Marvel. When we see a caped figure, we know we’re dealing with a hero. But I have this theory that our best heroes- and our favorite heroes- prefer blank tees or fitted suits. They don’t need fancy gadgets or headlines in the local paper. They go around capeless. Of course, I’m talking about our dads.

A dad is every girl’s first hero. When I was younger, my mom had the nine to five job, so I spent my days playing video games or walking in the park with my dad. Every day was filled with a new adventure.

My dad was the one who taught me to dream big, bragging about my future as a famous journalist. He gave me my sense of determination and persistence, pushing me to take my education seriously. He also showed me how to be compassionate, supporting me at every play and recital I performed in. At the time I didn’t think much of it. But now, I know better. Anyone can teach you how to ride a bike. It takes someone special to pick you up when you’ve fallen, clean your cuts, and make sure you get back on that bike.

The best dads don’t ask to be heroes. They just are. They have an infinite amount of protection to give and jokes to tell. And they never stop. They never stop teaching and loving. They never stop being heroes. Even now, when I like to think I’m all grown, my dad is always there for me when I need him.

So here’s to all the barbecue aficionados, spider killers, and jam jar openers. Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being our heroes. After all, we’ve heard it said before- “not all heroes wear capes.”



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