Summer Lovin’

When I think of summer, so many different thoughts come to mind. The first one is, of course, no class! I finally have all the time in the world to catch up on sleep or go to a summer party. Unfortunately, that’s never what actually ends up happening.

I’ll wake up the first day of break at 2 p.m., leaving my bed only to grab a snack from the kitchen and for the occasional pee. It’s not like there’s a beach near by or like I have money to spend on traveling abroad.

Having fun in summer doesn’t have to mean going bankrupt shopping at the mall every weekend. In fact, there are a lot of ways to have a fun-filled summer without breaking the bank. Leaving your hometown isn’t the only option either.

So, if you’ve been spending your summer days sitting on your sofa binge watching episodes of The 100 wondering what else you could probably waste your time doing, then this list of Top Ten Ideas For Summer Fun is for you!

Go camping

This first one is perfect for any outdoors type. Go on an overnight trip with a group of friends, or spend a three-day weekend in a log cabin with your family. Camping is an easy way to breathe in some fresh air while taking a morning hike, roasting some marshmallows, or falling asleep under the stars.

If you don’t have any camping equipment or you live in a city miles away from any camping grounds, don’t fret. Even doing something as simple as starting a campfire in the pit on your terrace or singing songs by the electronic fireplace in your loft can easily feel like an extension of a camping trip. Invite your best friend over and make a night out of it!

Host a dinner party or a BBQ

Speaking of inviting friends over, another fun way to hang out with your besties this summer is by hosting a dinner party—or better yet, a BBQ, the staple of any summer meal. There are so many easy-to-follow recipes online, using several items people generally already have in their kitchens. A cooked meal might even be a change from all the takeout you’ve been eating. Put some flowers on the table and break out your fancy dishes to really make the most of the night.

Go to an amusement park/water park

Almost everyone thinks of the beach when they think of summer. But that’s not always an option for those of us living in landlocked states. That’s why there are amusement parks! There’s a lot of fun that can be had eating cotton candy and winning oversized stuffed animal prizes. And going on a weekday when you would normally be in class usually means less people—children can’t go without their parents, who are typically at work.

Go to a concert or music festival

Okay, I’ll admit, this one’s a little harder for those on a budget. But for those who don’t mind high-energy crowds, concerts and music festivals are undoubtedly one of the best summer experiences you can have. If you love music and you have a hundred or so dollars to spend, going to see your favorite artists perform is a memory you’ll never forget.

Explore your hometown

I live near a pretty active city, so for me, there’s always something new that can be explored. Spend the day at that art and history museum you’ve always wanted to visit, watch the new Guardians of the Galaxy at the nearest drive-in movie theater, or take a yoga class downtown.

For those of you living in small towns, even if you think you’ve seen it all, you probably haven’t. At least not in all the ways you can. There may only be one restaurant in your hometown. So bring a different group of friends to go eat with you. Or order something you’ve never tried before—you might like it!

Try something new

This is probably one of the easier items on the list. Have you always wanted to learn how to speak French? Or how to decoupage? With so much of your day now free, it’s the perfect time to learn something or find a new hobby. Maybe while you’re exploring your hometown, you’ll come across a plant nursery and decide to take up gardening. Summer is the perfect season to broaden your horizons.

Start or (finish) a summer book list

I love to read, so this item is an easy one to check off. It’s easy to get busy with class work and extracurriculars, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for reading. This means summer break is the perfect time to catch up on all the books collecting dust on your shelf. Don’t have a book list? Now’s the perfect time to start one! Check out websites like Goodreads for some suggestions.

Start an art project

For the creative types in the house, crafting can be a stress free way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Lacking ideas? Pinterest is never short of an intricate new piece of string art you can make.

If you’re not one for painting or pottery, consider re-decorating. Change the layout of your room. Pick a different color scheme. Replace all your old photos with new ones. These little tasks will not only give you something to do with your day, but might give your room a refreshing new look.

Go on a road trip

Okay, before you yell at me for putting another expensive item on the list, you don’t have to drop a lot of cash to have a successful road trip. Road trips can be day trips. Have you always wanted to visit a classic soda shop two towns over? Grab your best friend, a family-sized bag of sour gummy worms, and split the four-hour drive over. Make sure to take a lot of photos of all the sights you see along the way!

Start a blog

Now this may sound biased, but blogging is actually a great way to spend your day. It not only helps you write better, but it’s a great way to process your thoughts. It challenges you and gives you the opportunity to connect with people on so many different levels. If you’ve thought about starting a blog before, but have never gotten around to doing it, there’s no time like the present!


I hope this list helped you find something fun to do this summer! Comment below what you’re favorite way to spend the summer is! Here’s to an unforgettable season!





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