State #??: Utah | Salt Lake City, UT

Once you start traveling, you develop a lot of travel goals—things you want to complete in each location you visit, certain sights you want to see, and more. Like a lot of people that end up traveling to all 50 United States, I didn't exactly set out to accomplish this goal. But when I realized … Continue reading State #??: Utah | Salt Lake City, UT

February Newsletter | Introducing Premium Subscriptions

And the projects just keep on coming! I am beyond excited to finally be introducing you to monthly newsletters—available in full to all premium subscribers! These newsletters are loaded with exclusive content, fun stories, and more! Premium subscribers also get behind-the-scenes access to edits on certain public posts and even get extra posts to read … Continue reading February Newsletter | Introducing Premium Subscriptions

My One Day Guide to Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs, CO

If you caught last week's post, then you know that I've recently taken a trip to one of my favorite weekend-ish vacation spots—Colorado Springs, CO. I say "ish" only because where I live is actually about a day's drive away, so having more than a weekend to explore is definitely ideal. But I'll take what … Continue reading My One Day Guide to Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs, CO