Poetry is when emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

—Robert Frost

There’s something beautiful about the way poetry captures your attention and opens up your mind so quickly, in the way some storybooks can’t. So grab a blanket, take a seat, and indulge in some poetry covering topics from happiness and heartbreak.

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SPACES—a collection of poetry

My Name Is…

Wonder. And Friendship. With just a hint of Indecision. Okay, maybe a little bit more than “just a hint,” but we can’t all be Certain. I’m rarely ever certain of anything. I spend my days in front of a screen— writing and scrolling and asking myself if this is really what I want to be … Continue reading My Name Is…

Somewhere in the Middle

Beneath the moon I saw The shadow of your thumb Raised to the starlit sky I held mine up next to the place Where I thought yours might be I reveled in the idea of us Sharing this night together Even with an ocean between us Because the day was rushed We moved from place … Continue reading Somewhere in the Middle

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